Dickens in Bhowanipore, Kolkata

So as an usual basis, I was having an intellectual discussion with regard to literature and our locality with our Senior Council (Yes, we, the Advocates do have other discussion besides law). What I came to learn was unknown to me. Bhowanipore is a well-known part of history indeed with several Authors, Judges and highly … Continue reading Dickens in Bhowanipore, Kolkata

Theatrical Effects: Special Effects

An interesting account and brief description as to how special effects were performed in the theatres before the modern technology by Theatrical Effects and Staging. "Special effects were used to enhance the dramatic and visual effects and increase the overall experience of the plays performed. The competition was fierce and  more dramatic special effects resulted … Continue reading Theatrical Effects: Special Effects

Only Gossip Prospers by Lorraine Tosiello: Book Review

Being a lover of mystery novels, I might sound a bit partial towards this particular book, especially when it is coupled with the only person I have ever idolised, Miss Louisa May Alcott. Anyhow, this story deserves the praises without my unwanted partiality, as Dr. Lorraine Tosiello, the Author of 'Only Gossip Prospers' through her … Continue reading Only Gossip Prospers by Lorraine Tosiello: Book Review